Slippery Road To Nirvana

In the midst of a secluded valley, nestled between the lofty peaks of the Himalayas, there is a secluded Buddhist monastery. The monks of this monastery had taken pity on an orphaned girl who was abandoned on their doorstep when she was a baby. They named her Kali, the black one, acknowledging the irony in that in Sanskrit, Kali is also the name of the form of the great Hindu goddess Durga. Kali was nurtured and educated by these same monks and became adept in the fields of academia, science and religion. Thus years passed and she turned twenty, and in this time, she had developed into a stunningly exotic beauty. When a group of young international tourists stop by the monastery for a short rest, one of the young men spots her. over the next couple of days, he slyly manages to catch Kali in the throes of mating fantasies that she never even new she had an inkling for, and that eventually leads to both of them plunging headfirst into a slippery path towards a very human form of Nirvana.

Duration: 25:34

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